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    Empowering businesses with innovative software solutions that drive growth and success in the digital age

  • Innovative Software Solutions

    Providing creative software solutions to organisations that promote development and success in the digital era.

  • Digital Marketing Mastery

    Masters of digital marketing strategies that propel brands to the forefront of online visibility and engagement.

  • CRM Solutions Customised

    Crafting custom CRM solutions that enhance customer relationships, streamline operations, and boost business growth.

  • Expert Team of Technologists

    Our team of seasoned technologists and digital marketing experts collaborates to deliver top-tier solutions.

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    CRM Services

    CRM services increase customer interactions and sales processes by establishing software systems, maintaining customer data, and delivering capabilities such as sales and lead management, customer care, marketing automation, and reporting.

    Web Development

    Web development is the process of planning and developing websites or web apps, which includes duties such as coding, layout design, and feature implementation in order to provide an interesting and functioning online presence.

    Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing uses online platforms and tactics to advertise products/services, attract target audiences, and drive conversions via social media, SEO, content, email, and online advertising.

    selten Technologies

    About Selten Technologies

    Selten Technologies is a pioneering enterprise at the front edge of technical innovation. We enable organisations to prosper in the digital world by using our experience in CRM systems, app and web development, and digital marketing. We create seamless digital experiences that promote growth, improve operations, and strengthen customer connections. Our customised strategies and cutting-edge solutions help firms realise their full potential and achieve amazing success. Trust Selten Technologies to be your devoted partner for disruptive technology solutions and exceptional results.

    A Journey of Success through Our 6D Process



    We dive deeply into your company, learning about your specific needs and goals.


    We carefully define the project scope, establishing clear success goals and expectations.


    Our expert staff creates creative solutions that are suited to your individual needs.


    With expertise and precision, we develop robust solutions that bring your vision to life.


    Our smooth transition enables a smooth changeover, minimising disturbances to your business.


    We are committed to driving your success even after project completion, providing ongoing support and guidance.



    Rathilal (BigMarket)

    We choose CRM for all our marketing and manage the leads in different areas. Selten Guided the implementation of integrating CRM with various applications and tremendously supported and successfully Delivered on time.

    Mitch (Rayosun)

    We Built a CRM for the Call center to manage the leads and Integrating with Twilio and Vici dial. Selten tech provided a timely solution for better integration of CRM and leads management.

     Veera Hospital

    Thanks to your exceptional digital marketing, our hospital's online presence has soared. Your expertise has helped us reach and serve more patients effectively." 

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